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Fashion Week Internationale

As many of you know from my globalization pictorial, the fashion industry is one that assimilates and embodies the current globalization process our society is undergoing.  So, for this week’s post I decided to focus on the concept of  “Fashion Week” and how it is translated to different cultures all around the world.  The sometimes controversial Vice Magazine is no stranger in tackling different world issues with a journalistic edge. They recently ran a short series entitled Fashion Week Internationale. Hosted by former model Charlet Duboc, the series takes a look at the different fashion weeks that take place all over the world. The show tries to ignore the four main Fashion weeks (NY, London, Milan, Paris) and instead looks at fashion events in countries like Nigeria and Colombia. While in the process of  looking at these different events, Charlet also takes a look at the social/economical/health issues that the country faces and contrasts them with the events of fashion week.  One of the things that strike me the most about this show, is how different cultures are able to assimilate their unique characteristics and blend them in the “western” concept of Fashion week. Also, this show is able to uncover some serious global issues,  ranging from factory conditions in Cambodia to plastic surgery obsession in Colombia, thus opening my mind to global issues and the impact the fashion industry has on them.

For the purpose of this blog, I am going to ask each of you to take a look at one of the selected episodes of this eye-opening show. After you watched the show in its entirety (each 20-30 min) please respond with your own personal opinion on the episode(s) you just watched or answer the following questions:

-How is each culture able to show their distinct identity in their Fashion Week?

-What sort of global issues are you able to discover from the videos? Could you provide your opinion?

-Do you think that the Fashion Industry is reflective of globalization process?

-Do you think the Fashion industry has a negative impact in our respective cultures?

Click at the link below to watch the episodes and if you feel like watching more follow the site to discover more about this amazing and riveting online show.

Cambodia Fashion Week


Pakistan Fashion Week

I hope you guys enjoy the show and this week’s post. Cant wait to read your opinions and thoughts on this subject.

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