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Rural women under gobalization

Economic globalization has so many different effects on different nations, cities, companies and people… … When talk about economy and gender. I always think about cheap labors in rural areas in Asian countries where men go to cities to look for more opportunities and leave women in rural areas taking care of children and old parents, and working in factories to produce expensive products like NIKE or iPads… But, this time I don’t want to show you something on women who get stuck in the rural areas talking about how miserable they are, instead, I want to talk about women who strive for change under the impact of globalization.

Well, what we can see from economic globalization’s impact now is many women going to colleges, or entering business as what men do. But what we cannot see from the impact of economic globalization is that there are lots of women in rural areas striving to make a change. I found this video clip on YouTube about China’s rural women try to make a difference (don’t worry it’s in English…).

In China, there is a phenomenon that less and less people in rural areas. And what have left in rural areas are non-educated women, children, and old people.  This old lady in the clip is well educated, globalized in a sense that she speaks perfect English. Unlike many people who left the rural area to cities to seek money and fame, the lady went to the rural area to bring hope to women who were left behind… She lets those rural young girls know that there is hope for them and for other women who get stuck in rural areas as long as those young girls realize that they are equal to men, and they are willing to make a change even they are in rural China.

Economic globalization has direct impact on cities. However, I believe the rural areas are somehow the key to a striving and powerful nation… We cannot abandon rural areas only because the cities are more globalized. It’s good that the lady in the video clip is trying to help rural women. But as I said before, in Asia, many countries as Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, of which the rural areas are less developed than China, many women are still suffering and sacrificing in the economic globalization. I do not really know about rural problems in the U.S, Ecuador, or Saudi Arabia. So I’m really curious about:

  1. What are the rural problems in your culture (I would also love to hear about other opinions from my culture too)?
  2. What is your opinion as a global citizen about the phenomenon that women are left in rural area in China or other Asian countries?
  3. How important do you think people in rural areas are in the process of globalization?
  4. Is there any way that we could use globalization as a tool to help those women instead of a negative influence on them?

I look forward to your discussions. Happy spring break!

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